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The Invisible Speaker Company.

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Amina Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialist loudspeakers that get plastered into walls and ceilings to make them fully invisible in application. Their products are used in high end residential and business premises where designers and architects specify AV and entertainment systems in environments which have to look the part.

Amina utilised natural fibre recycled cotton insulation within their designs for four reasons.

  1. It is safe to handle i.e. it does not emit harmful or irritating fibres;
  2. It remains stable in volume, not collapsing with pressure;
  3. It is an environmentally recycled material which can be recycled again; and most importantly;
  4. It is a highly acoustically absorbent (0.95) and acoustic fading is 20 dB with a density of 45 kg/m3 reducing acoustic energy in areas that it is not required in; with air flow resistivity 45,548 Pa.s/m2
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