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Kevin McCloud Eco-Innovation Green Hero:
Sheffield-based Social Enterprise selected for Grand Designs Live 3rd-11th May 2014.

Recovery Insulation Ltd. is a Sheffield-based social enterprise that was established to have manufactured natural fibre recyled cotton insulation – a non-itch, high performance “eco” thermal and acoustic insulation – made primarily from recycled cotton/denim fibres.

With support from Simon Hemmingfield of a Yes2Ventures enterprise: Sheffield Wood Recycling, we have designed and constructed our interactive display for the Grand Designs Live London exhibition. ‘Yes2Ventures is an organisation that creates employment and training opportunities for people who are disadvantaged in the labour market for health related and social reasons. It develops its own enterprises, known as Social Firms, and helps people challenge and overcome barriers that are preventing them from getting enough out of life (

Inno-Therm® has been installed in a large number of eco projects from 2005-2014:

  • 1. South Yorkshire Energy Centre, Sheffield
  • 2. Anns Grove Primary School Heeley, Sheffield
  • 3. Genesis Eco-Building – Somerset College of Design & Technology
  • 4. Torfaen (South Wales) Eco Building
  • 5. Hemphill Hall, Nottingham (a listed building refurbishment)v
  • 6. Barnsley College Think Low Carbon (TLC) Centre
  • 7. Bradford Enterprise Park in conjunction with Modcell
  • 8. American Broadcasting Company venue at the Winter Olympic XXII Games in
    Sochi. The insulation that was sent to Russia was first used at the London
    Games, 2012. As part of the broadcasting company’s Green Initiative, to avoid
    creating unnecessary landfill
  • 9. In April 2007 natural fibre recyled cotton insulation was featured in the BBC series – “It’s Not Easy
    Being Green” and featured on BBC – DIY/SOS in November 2010.

We donate from sales income to the education charity, the Schools and Homes Energy Education Project/Solar-Active – supporting renewable energy, fuel and money-saving activities in local/national schools and community projects.

We have received funding from The Key Fund (part funded by the EDRF) to aid in the continual manufacturing and distribution process. RI is also seeking investment to aid in developing marketing, employment and training opportunities.