The Piddington Pod Case Study

Natural fibre recyled cotton insulation has been installed in the Piddington Pod. The Pod is an extraordinary bespoke copper-clad eco-dwelling. It is modelled on the huts of nomads. It took centre stage on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces on Channel 4 on 29th October 2018.

Each Pod creates a unique enclosed space intended to provide a small self-standing eco-dwelling for creative purposes. It was designed as a quiet place of sanctuary. The Pod is weatherproof and designed for any outdoor area. The Pod has 16 square meters of floor space.

The pod’s eco-credentials:

  • clad in hand-beaten copper shingles made from upcycled hot water tanks
  • frames and roof are made from sustainable timber
  • reclaimed doors, window frames and floorboards
  • recycled denim insulation.