Road Studio

Road Studio

As a purchaser in 2019 of natural fibre recyled cotton insulation, Benjamin Mathieu of Road Studio provided a brief story about their installation and use of the insulation.

Road Studio is a mobile recording studio that I built in a truck. The goal of this kind of studio is to have an acoustic isolation from external noise and also to provide a equal sound inside the studio. For that we use acoustic process and treatments through use of acoustic Inno-Therm® isolation panels.

I choose natural fibre recyled cotton insulation as an acoustic treatment as my studio is in a truck and is small. I wanted to use something clean and with natural components. The insulation turned out to be a good acoustic treatment too!

The insulation was appropriate for our application. We received advice that assisted us to make an informed choice. I was provided details about natural fibre recyled cotton insulation’s acoustic properties. I needed to know how it absorbs the sound and what kind of frequency. This insulation has a high coefficient of sound absorption (= 0,95) and acoustic fading is 42 dB with a density of 45 kg/m3(+/-10%).

Finally, the insulation was easy to install and we were totally satisfied with it.