Let There be Darkness

Let There be Darkness

David Garlovsky delivered his presentation ‘LET THERE BE DARKNESS’: Blue-rich LED street lighting – effect on circadian rhythms, well-being, road safety and view of night sky at the International SEEDS Conference 2017: Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society Healthy Environments, Buildings and Spaces: Current position and future models Leeds Beckett University, UK – 13th and 14th September 2017.

The paper can be found within The SEEDS Conference Proceedings 2017 published in E-Book form on 4th December with an ISBN number 978-0-9955690-2-7. The paper can be found on page 209 in the E-Book using this link.

Please sign a petition that has been created: “Halt Blue-Rich White Light Pollution”, asking the government to reinstate the All Parliamentary Lighting Group and to urgently create a National Light Policy which properly addresses the harmful effects of modern lighting technology on humans, wildlife, road safety and sky glow.

David’s paper: “High Pressure Sodium {HPS} and Blue-Rich LED security lights effects on trees and green city landscape: Human and wildlife circadian rhythms and health and well-being” has been agreed for the CIBSE 2018 conference to be held at the South Bank University. David presented the paper on 12th April 2018.

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