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Low Carbon Construction for Builders and Contractors

Development using sustainable insulationThe Code for Sustainable Homes will influence the building of a future housing stock that both meets our needs and protects the environment.

As you would be aware, the Code structure allows builders and contractors to gain credits to achieve the highest standards and on-going UK agenda for using low carbon construction materials (e.g. Inno-Therm® insulation). This will assist in the accreditation process for zero carbon homes with low energy costs for consumers.

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Recent study confirms that the environmental impact of Inno-Therm® is less than mineral wool
Abstract: The overall aim of research[1] in 2015 was to investigate the environmental impacts of the supply chains of Inno-Therm® and a mineral wool insulation material. The results of the research indicated that Inno-Therm® exhibits lower total carbon emissions within its production life cycle compared to a mineral wool insulation material.
[1] Dissertation submitted in 2015, in part requirement for the Degree of MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management of the University of Sheffield by Muhammad Haneef Abdul Nasi

Case Study

David Garlovsky presented a paper: “A Sensible Approach to Low Carbon and Healthy Buildings” on 17th September 2016 at the International Conference on Sustainable, Ecological, Engineering Design for Society at Leeds Beckett.

Accredited Construction Details (ACD)

ACDs have been developed to assist the construction industry achieve the performance standards required to demonstrate compliance with the energy efficiency requirements (Part L) of the Building Regulations.
See Accredited Construction Details for Part L on the Planning Portal