Easy Handling for Installation

Inno-Therm®/Métisse® - quick and easy to install.

Inno-Therm® is quick and easy to install with a friction fit method of installation

Inno-Therm® is quick and easy to install, saving you time and money. It is non-itch, soft to handle and contains no hazardous content.

No specialist handling equipment is required, such as gloves or protective clothing. However, eye protection is recommended when installing in a ceiling or in an under-floor application.

If working in a confined space where conventional insulation has been installed, it is recommended that operatives wear a mask and eye protection.

Inno-Therm® is a semi-rigid flexible malleable material that can be torn or cut by hand or with a fine toothed saw or a wavy blade of the type used for bread – details of other tools to use can be found in our new insulation guide.

Installation Guide 2019

Staple gun installation

One can also use staple gun installation but a friction fit installation method is normally suggested,


HMRC advise that we can only charge 5% VAT if we supply and install. Where Inno-Therm® supplies to a customer or builder, we must charge 20% VAT. However, the builder can charge 5% VAT when installing. For a new build, VAT is ‘0’ rated.

Inno-Therm® is ideal to use for DIY or domestic projects.

Inno-Therm® is ideal to use for DIY or domestic projects.