The Psychology and Philosophy of Eugene T. Gendlin

The Psychology and Philosophy of Eugene T. Gendli.

A workshop was held to learn the skills of Listening and Focusing on 2nd May 2018 at the Central Library Carpenter Room.

Facilitator: David Garlovsky, BSc, MSc, Certificate in Social Phenomenology. Certified Focusing Teacher of the Focusing Institute

The skills of Listening and Focusing enable one to positively and freshly attend to one’s emotive feelings to apply in everyday situations with friends, family and in one’s professional life. These skills can give people the means to delve in and discover for themselves what action they could take to take to improve their life and the world we live in. Gendlin thought Focusing and Listening give a way to have unfold what is felt in the body, essential for therapeutic change and a method for humanising political change.

The activities will focus on a way to access work-life balance, creativity, self-assessment, teacher support, assessment of students, parent meetings, inspections and conflict resolution. In these situations Gene’s notion will be applied that when something is unclear and bodily felt, to allow it to open into intricate detail for meaning to arise for the basis of responses when in relation to another.

Workshop Poster

A brief report of the 2 hour session held at Sheffield Central Library on 15th March 2017 is available.

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