Use of Inno-Therm® insulation to support studies on X-ray imaging studies

Dr M J F Healy conducted the following research:

The Cranfield University campus based at the Defence Academy of the UK, Oxfordshire, conducts teaching and research across a range of defence and security related disciplines. The Forensic Institute has a special interest in using X-rays, gamma rays, and even neutrons to characterise materials and image structures. A recent research project requires us to look into advancing the capacity of systems to image through baggage and its contents, as happens at airport security. A previous project identified that cotton still represents almost 75% of the fabric currently used in clothing. In the current project we require a uniformly thick, uniformly dense material to act as an analog for clothing packed in luggage. The Inno-Therm® insulation provided by Recovery Insulation has helped us to build our appraisals of security screening capacity in a controlled and repeatable fashion.

Cranfield Forensic Institute, Cranfield University, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, SN6 8LA.

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